Lauren and Steven give you a new measure of time: The Freebird

I forgot to mention that Lauren made some wonderful guacamole for the Leaguestravaganza. En route we realized that there may not be enough tortilla chips (if you have a choice I recommend El Milagro) so we called to confirm that we should grab a bag.

Given that it was 100+ degrees out and guacamole is better chilled, I left lauren in the car as I went in grabbed diet coke, chips, and a few other sundries.

I returned and as I got in the car Lauren remarked: “Wow, you’re fast, you were only gone one song.”

“One song? That must have been one long song.”

“Freebird,” her last word hung in the air as the van Zandt solo wound into its final movement.

Thus it dawned on us a new temporal measure: “The Freebird.” Just like the fictional kropog measure of distance from Gilmore Girls”)*, we realized we had come up with a valuable measurement.

1 Freebird == 9 minutes, 10 seconds

Now, I was wondering if you could convert a Freebird to the time it takes to consume a Freebird Burrito.


By Canucklibrarian on Flickr

Hm, it might be tough to handle a Freebird in a Freebird.

*A Kropog is a (fictional) unit of distance, named after a man who graduated from Yale in 1944. Logan’s dorm is 90 Kropogs from Rory’s.