Scenes from a cohabitation

STEVEN and LAUREN are in the living room. The TV plays something they’re not paying attention to:

LAUREN : Hey I was thinking, I would like to see a movie.

STEVEN: Great, what’s playing

LAUREN grabs her computer and a few keyboard ticks later starts reeling off the names of movies:

LAUREN: “Eagle Eye”, “Burn After Reading”, “Knights of Rodanthe”

STEVEN: Whoa! “Knights of Rodanthe”, what’s that about? Horses and swords? I’m thinking like the “Knights of Cydonia” video by Muse.

LAUREN: No, “Nights in Rodanthe”: the movie with Richard Gere and Diane Lane by the beach.

STEVEN: Oh, uh, no thanks.

LAUREN reads off several other movies

STEVEN: Maybe we should just watch “The Adams Chronicles”)” instead.



Here is the “Knights of Cydonia” video: