Mediterranean Misnomers

I feel sorry for the Lesbians.

Imagine, if you will, for a moment that you are a resident of the isle where that finest of Greek poets, Sappho, practiced her craft. While hailing from a tiny island, you have much history of which to be proud: written of by Thucydides, home to no lesser intellects than Aristotle and Epicurus, etc. The Lesbian has a rich classical heritage to be proud of and a vibrant beach-culture in the here-and-now.

But when searchers of the internet go to discover more about your home what do they get? Well.

…And more of it than you can shake a stick at!

The Lesbians, while having profited handily on lesbian tourism lo these many years, recently undertook to have their name moved out of the realm of the public domain via EU complaint ( toothpaste back into the tube, my good Lesbians ).

Recently, I wanted to research the name used by Iove for Venus in the ├ćneid, “Cytherea” ( kith-uh-RAY-uh ). It’s so named for the island “Cytherea’ which was sacred to the goddess of love and mother of ├ćneas. It is also the nom d’ecran of a certain adult actress.

Search with SafeSearch ON.

Fortunately I see no burgeoning career for a “Hestia d’Eros” or “Hephasteus Smith” so, for the moment, those searches are safe.