New media, new semester

The other weekend for the Wedding of the Garcias I purchased the Nikon Coolpix S200. I took a few test shots and it was light, silver, and Mac friendly. I thought a few of the “pix” were a bit grainy, but I needed to see some prints to prove it.

The pix I took in NC basically connfirmed that this camera was really grainy and not that great. I took it back to Costco and then went to the Best Buy and bought the Canon S1000. This will be the third Elph in a row that I have owned and I have no qualms in saying that it is the finest point-and-shoot, portable camera on the market.

While I was there I picked up Lily Allen’s “Alright, Still” and Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”. I also grabbed “Paper Mario” for Wii. I bought the former because this weekend Lauren, my father, and I will be making a road trip up to help fete my sister’s impending wedding.

I thought some new music might make the trip a bit better. And the Mario? Well that’s a reward for getting through my finals at ACC. I’m registering for classes for the summer and I’m planning on taking Trigonometry. This is actually really good for me because I originally was interested in re-learning advanced math so that I coould learn more about OpenGL programming. OpenGL is the language for doing really excellent 3-D magic and you have to know your way around the radians to harness its full power. So, no rest for the wicked.

While I was at the ACC bookstore I was looking around and then i noticed a book out of place, it was the textbook for a beginning class in document publishing, it was all the basics of typography. I thought to myself, the forces of the universe conspired in such a way that this book was out of place and in my line of sight, it must be something I was meant to do. So, i snagged it. It was pretty cheap and actually showed pictures of the actual type characters being loaded into a press and I decided that was where I really wanted to begin this investigation.

I’m putting together my June travel schedule and it’s looking to be beastly: West coast, East Coast, West Coast all back to back.