I love^H^H^H^H like my nearby coffee place

Up here in North Austin they opened an ``It’s a grind” franchise.

The ladies ( staffed all by ladies in the morning, as far as I can see ) are so nice to me. They know many customers’ names and they say “Bye George” or “Back again Marie?” ( someone’s been reading their Dale Carnegie ). I think they’re all very nice and they seem to work well together.

I like that they’re different types, you can see the roles they fulfill within: Hard as nails barista, friendly face, master of the drive thru, it’s all good.

I like them all very much. I guess I was feeling appreciative after friend Daniel got the shaft during a recent visit. A post of his which, I daresay, will usher the advancement of our society to the “burbclave” model described in Snow Crash.

  • If you don’t get the ^H joke, visit the ‘backspace’ link on Wikipedia