Big Nerd Ranch: RoR Camp: Day 2

Per the typical BNR experience, last night, post-dinner, many students returned to the training facility to go over the things that were unclear, try things out, and talk with the the instructor, Charles Quinn, about projects that we dream of undertaking.

I had questions around using the session continuity features in ActiveController, and just needed some examples and some time to let the concepts come together. Ultimately I figured it out and some of us last few left in the center headed down to the bar and had a beer before bed.

I can’t say I slept particularly well. I had the strangest experience. I would wake up through the night thinking of RailsThings. I swear I was dreaming I was back in class. It must be the effects of too much information in one day running around non-integrated.

This prompted me to wake up quite early, so after a leisurely shave and a long shower I headed outdoors to try to see a bit of pastoral Georgia. Here are some photos.


The meeting facilities.


The Students


The start of my walk…


A creek.


Early Daffodils.



After my walk, I met the group for breakfast and then we started up class again.