Reasons *you* should come to SXSW this year

  1. I’ll be there!
  2. Khoi Vinh, a talented typographer, designer, and the man in change of the NYTimes’ digital layout will be holding a masters class about gridded design.
  3. Rodrigo y Gabriela will be bringing their Meh-ee-cano Meh-Tal Acoustico magnifico sound.

I’ve not had a chance to post properly about the amazing work that RodGab do, but the music is powerful, driving, thrumming, passionate and exiciting: pretty much everything that the current moribund state of heavy metal is not. On the album they do a cover of my and The Social Bobcat’s favorite (once-mighty) Met instrumental “Orion”.

Check out this amazing performance on Letterman.

The icing on the cake is that they learned their English in Ireland which means that their hesitant English is colored with some Irish-as-Yeats words of vocabulary like : “fookin’”. I guess they must practice that one a lot.