Ladytron Seen, Melbotis Met

Saturday night Lauren and I went to see the fabulous [Ladytron]() at Stubb’s.

Ladytron Flyer

It was a really great show, with really great sound work. I’ve posted some [pictures on Flickr](). We had a really good spot in the 2nd row which afforded me the opportunity to grab some very good pictures of Mira Aroyo.

I thought it was pretty funny to think that only in Austin one could see the very ‘antiseptic’ band Ladytron whilst munching on a chopped brisket sandwich ( Stubb’s BBQ is not to be doubted ).

Today I went over to The League of Melbotis’ new home where I occasioned to meet Melbotis himself, ate a hamburger, read the League’s copy of 300, and then came home to meet up with my girl.

We had Rounder’s Pizza for dinner and I then picked up some new music: New Brazilian Girls, Regina Spektor, and the new Cardigans record. I also grabbed Running With Scissors in anticipation of the theatrical release.

Right now the Rolling Stones are playing in Zilker park. Their lights show and sound system are bellowing with enough ferocity to clear the highway sounds and reverberate into my den.