Wednesday night Lauren and I came home from a delicious dinner at Frank and Angies with my mom, sister, and my sister’s boyfriend and she was starting to feel unwell. I took it to be a sign of over sauce-ing or of lactose issues ( much cheese in those pizzas ).

I ran to the grocery and picked up a box of Lactaid and a box of Benadryl and Laur. took them and headed to sleep. She woke up the next morning feeling a bit “off” and seemed to be having more than just the usual “Do i hafta go to works?”. She bravely soldiered to work, but became ill and was sent back home.

While recovering we noticed a huge, red welt on her thigh. It was puffy and swollen, we took it to be a spider bite of some sort. I think she was having a venom reaction and that’s what made her nauseated.

After several hours of sleep and a Freebird’s, I’m pleased to report the patient is feeling better.