Kit Fisto, party of two

I didn’t mention it in my earlier post, but when I went to Magnolia Cafe last Saturday with Lauren, we were forced to sign into the wait list. Now, there are surely many Stevens in this world, and there are quite a few Laurens. Under what name could I sign in so as to not miss any callings from the deck?

You guessed it: Kit Fisto

Normally staff are not amused and simply say “Kit, party of two” but on this occasion the cute blonde girl with the librarian-chic glasses proudly bellowed:

Kit Fisto, party o’ two!

to which I stood up, and affirmed: “That’s me!”

This being a change from my previous moniker in the Bay: Leeroy Jenkins. Being that the Bay is chocked-full of World of Warcraft players I always expected to induce some dude slurping a Ramen Ryowa into shooting shoyu out of his nostrils, but alas, such was not my fate.