Some people think, great God will come from the sky…

Condoleeza Rice:

“The Lord is going to come on time ? if we just wait,” she said (

Does that mean I don’t have to pay any more taxes if The Lord will be handling the work of running the land? Have we outsourced stewarding this planet back to sanity to the On High?

Most of Continental philosophy’s complaint against Christianity is that it discourages living in the now, for the promise of a hypothetical hereafter.

“Just you wait you rich people, I’ll get mine in the hereafter”

“Just you wait you thin people, I’m obese now, but in the hereafter I’ll be purty as a lark!

“Just you wait you smart people, I’m ignorant now, but God don’t care none!”

What sort of twisted slave morality is that? What sort of pathetic life model celebrates disease and weakness versus the passionate sturm und drang of a Romantic existence?

The terrible price for a beautiful existence is responsibility. Absolute beauty, passion, and existence come with the terrible weight of being responsible. Those who refuse responsibility by sending it off to the Host of Hosts in the Sky are the first who are looking for a way to countenance the inferior or evil deeds they have done.

I suppose that the Bush administration, which after 4 years of terrorist attack planning still can’t get critical service to impacted areas quickly, must be so pathetically lost that their only solution is to wait for The Lord to do the heavy lifting.

As we say in business: “Hope is not an effective strategy for success.”

…More of the signs that the people in the White House are waiting for a deus ex deus and not doing their real job.