You know, it baffles me that we, as a government have the temerity to judge athletes’ drug use, and fund programs like DARE in schools telling kids to stay off drugs when in any given newscast the majority of ads are for pills.

Pills for your upstairs Pills for your downstairs Pills to help you sleep Pills to help you perk up Awkward at a party? Take a pill. Not quite satisfied with your life, take a pill. Too fat? Take a pill. Too thin? Take a pill.

I can think of a few scheduled substances that are far less side-effect ridden and far cheaper - but I guess that’s the catch - they would cut Big Pharma’s bottom line.

Ani DiFranco said that any tool is a weapon if you hold it right. Any medicine is a drug if you take too much.

But big money making overrides truth, I suppose - when your re-election bid’s coffers rest on it, why upset the status quo?