Trying not to look at exit polls

I am trying, desperately, to not start looking at the exit polls.

If i start, how can I pull myself away?

I remember that when I was taking my SATs my grandmother said that she was praying for my success. My dad also heard from her that she was praying for my success after I had turned in the exam. To dad, and me, this felt like divine cheating. Divine cheating is not OK. We should hope for His helpful hand gently guiding me and relaxing me during the test, but His Hand erasing my D and making it an A seemed a bit foul.

But in my grandmother’s world praying is always OK.

In a similar vein, the vote has been cast. I hope that the logic and wisdom was bestowed last night. I hope the chads do not dimple or dangle or fangle. I hope each citizen’s choice is made and everyone who is entitled to vote does.

But then again, I am my grandma’s grandson. Please God, let Kerry win.