Thoughts on Tiger

I loooovvvve Tiger. Yay Tiger!

All the press is pretty much the same, i must say that I love Spotlight the most though. Spotlight indexes every file on your system. I kid you not. Say you remember that you received mail from rsteans and had a file with his name on it. Invoke spotlight, type those letters and …. seconds later there’s a list of all the email with rsteans as a sender, recipient, his address book entry, everything. It makes browisng your file hierarchy a snap!

The second great feature Spotlight has is that you can launch applications with it. This is awsome because i hate browsing in the applications menu. Instead I hit the Spotlight-invoke key combination, type ichat, hit enter, and bang, the program is launching.

It spares me some of my contact with teh trackpad. I don’t like trackpadding.

The other really great UI feature is “Dashboard” whereby you can have another ‘layer’ of desktop quickly appear (and disappear) with handy applications. Here’s a pic. My dashboard has some clocks, some weather, a link into a dictionary lookup and a schweet hula girl.

Forgive the picture scaling, click on it for full-screen.