Mice is displaying my art…

The world knows that Ms. Bartlett in elementary school gave me a minus in art.

The trouble for me is that I always conceived art, the class, as art, like all the other classes. This means that I am out to get my work done and then move on.

Art is not at all like that. Aparently you’re supposed to achieve some sort of existential satisfaction from Art.

Soamehow nobody ever told me.

Occasionally I can create a bit of a pop art riff.

My co-worker Mice is a fan of Disneyland in a majorly big way. Big. Way. We’re talking about a cat who probably actually believes that this place in the middle of Anaheim actually is the Happiest place on earth.

One day at work he was playing the speech/sound/music track to the Hounted Mansion ride. This tune features a refrain in that fabulous Baritone of of Paul Frees:

“Friendly ghosts come out to socialiiiiIiiiize”

Taking my stack of 3M post-it notes I verbally mangled some of the words to create the following pictures. Consume Mice’s bandwidth to see (may 13, 2004 entry).