Sententiae viri ex temporibus duobus

Hospital Visit

For those not following me on Twitter or Facebook…

Lauren was sick this past Saturday morning and told me to go to VoCamp Austin without her. She e-mailed about 3pm and asked that I take her to after-hours care. This started a chain of events that leads me to this moment, some 3 days later.

  • Got home
  • To after-hours care
  • High T-Cells, abdominal pain, referred to ER
  • Seton NW Hospital ER
  • CT scan
  • HUGE appendix
  • Appendix isn’t ruptured, you need surgery now
  • Surgery scheduled at 0230 Sunday morning
  • 0300 surgery: Appendix was ruptured, longer hospital stay needed
  • Beds, nurses, sleeping in chairs, etc. Repeat.
  • Release

Lauren is now resting, courtesy of hydrocodone, healing, and eating Jell-O at home. I’ll be AWOL for a while. If you’re able, she’d love to hear from you via e-mail or phone, Facebook or Twitter.