An anniversary and a night out

Saturday I woke up early and headed to Sodade Coffee’s one-year anniversary. It was great to stop by and see all the regulars I usually see there come by in a different context: instead of the laptop and cell-phone activities I normally see it was the hackers with families on parade.

My congratulations go out to Kim and Genaro at this marker. Their seats have borne my studying, typing, researching self since this summer, so this place for retreat has been a welcome addition to North Austin.

During this visit, Kim gave me a sweet T-shirt and I had a chance to work on my statement of purpose outline. I don’t really want to write any more about the whole grad school application process because writing the applications is exhausting enough. A real treat were the amazing jalapeƱo kolaches prepared by Kim’s mom as a special treat on the occasion. Soft and doughy with a pepper bite, they were sublime.

I returned home around 2:30 and Lauren and I were going to try to see “Revolutionary Road”).” It was sold out, so we headed down to the Westgate area and had a great dinner of Tiger Cry at Madam Mam’s. Thereafter we went to Tapestry dance studio and participated in a “dance party” for learning two-step.

Being far too cool for C&W; in my younger years, I never got a hang of two-step. My opinions moved slightly when I matriculated and became exposed to “real” C&W;: Dale Watson, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Kelly Willis and the rest of the Austin sound, but I never thought that a class would be something I did.

Well, my friends, let life surprise you.

It also turned out that The Derailers, who we had seen shortly after New Year’s at The Continental Club were playing at 9 at The Broken Spoke so, freshly imbued with two-step, waltz, and our swing background, we were ready to have a great old time on the hallowed boards.

It was a great night out: friendly folk, Walker red label and Shiner and great music from the guys: their sound has a beautiful reverb-y Roy Orbison kind of majesty with a great Texas swing to it (thinking a bit of Asleep at the Wheel here). I think they’re a great show and a great time.

Afterwards we head up congress to Magnolia South and closed out the night with eggs and queso.

It was a beautiful night, and a great night to remember the best reasons to live in Waterloo.