Note: This meeting actually took place on Tuesday, and it wasn’t a meeting, it was brunch at Magnolia Cafe on South Congress, but I’ll be damned if i let the facts get in the way of my alliteration

The League of Melbotis and his non-tertiary-personally-named wife have relocated to the capitol city and met up with myself and Lauren. The League has already posted about the meeting, but on the whole it was very enjoyable, except for the scene when a ninja stealthily emerged from the kitchen, seeking to kill the League and use his still-beating heart as an ingredient in his blood-reveng pate.

Fortunatley our waitress was a maitresse of the bladed fan and with a quick flick of her wrist she severed the ninja from her hands, and brunch continued unimpeded ( save for the mop crew ).

Ninjas: Haters of lovely brunches.

I also had the opportunity to tell the attendees that I had greatly enjoyed John Hodgman’s The Areas of My Expertise. I will now tell you that as well. I greatly enjoyed John Hodgman’s The Areas of My Expertise. It’s a collection, arranged like an almanac, of worthless trivia that is entirely made up by the author. This sounds a bit egotistical, or dumb, but I assure you Hodgman’s deadpan ( in print? ) delivery is absolutly riotous.

In other news, not warped my by fanciful reinterpretation of time, the weather in Austin has turned decidedly chilly, this morning it was 55 as I headed to work. Fall and winter in Austin is a great time of year. I suspect that my dear girl will be a bit cold, but it’s a good opposition to the scorch factor of summer, and I don’t know, there’s an energy and an intimacy to the winter that I’ve always liked.