1. iSight. If you use a visually friendly AOL client now, assuming i have the thing plugged in, you can see my mug. I have to figure out all the uses for it – so far it’s a glorified mirror.

  2. Book!

  • Hillegass: Cocoa Programming for Mac OSX (great book so far!)
  • Caldwell & Thomason: The Rule of Four (looks like da Vinci Code knock off, but I don’t care, I loved dVC).
  • Pagels: The Gnostic Gospels (heh, a bit of dVC philosophy)

I drove up today to SF for a bit of a lunch with Patrick at Chez Maman. It’s a good place to get a meal before heading off far, away. Afterwards I grabbed a cup o’ joe with bastard sugar from Farley’s. They seem to have painted there.

I miss the city.

Patrick is going to .de, .dk, and then to .se. Everyone (whose been reading in the last month) knows I love .se and its female musicians.

I’m hoping Patrick can give the lowdown.

Afterwards I stopped by in PA and hit the apple store. PA’s traffic, for once, was not completely brutal (even down University Ave!). iGot an iSight because iHave wanted one for a while now and some of my peers in .be are using them with some frequency – thought I’d join the club.

After that I headed down to Mountain View and worked a bit on my latest Cocoa roadblock – after 2 hours with only minimal progress I read a glowing recommendation of Hillegass’ book – I headed down to the Borders, picked up this book, and saw the Rule of Four. I had heard it mentioned on NPR and I bought it on a whim.

It’s been hot here and this hot laptop isn’t helping. Time for the cool repose of my bedroom. Nite!