Farewell America…

I’m sitting here in SFO in one of the little phone cubicles. I have the iPod of doom charging and the PowerBook of Glory is open. I must cut quite the figure of .com trendiness here.

The last several hours hhave been fast paced and pretty hectic. Friday morning I took my last load of stuff to citystorage and then headed down to San Jose and met up with the guys at work and we went to lunch.

After lunch at Bennigans we headed back to the office and i worked on arranging some of the final details of my travel. I booked a room at the DoubleTree SFO and rented a car from Hertz.

After work my co-worker Erich took me to get the car and i paid the upgrade to get an SUV to accommodate my copious amounts of luggage. I then headed up to the city, ran a few last errands and then Patrick and I went to Chez Maman for a steak (on my part anyway.). After that I headed down to the Temple Bar where I met with some friends for a drink..or two…or…well we closed out the bar.

I checked into the hotel about 3am and then slept till 11, got up and headed down to my office to get some information I’d forgotten. I guess it didn’t bother me as I didn’t have anywhere else to go and, with to traffic on the road owing to the holiday, 101 was a breeze.

After that I headed back to a final Chez Maman, a couple glasses of wine and then into SFO.

I was very blissed to find a TMobile hotspot in service around here (w00t!), so I took care of a few details. I just imported the old MySQL backup into the database on the server.

So now i’m sitting here waiting for my number to get called to get aboard the flight to Sydney. Next time you see and update it will be from another continent.

Love to all those reading.

…oh - they just called boarding - better shut down and pack up.