Meta-Post: Back to Blogging

I woke up this morning after having spent the weekend down in LA and Orange County with the desire to say something: something longer than a tweet, something shorter than an essay.

It was something about technology, or people, or power, or art. And then I realized: I wanted to blog again.

And then I realized something important. Writing isn’t something you do when you have copious free time, it’s something you do when you don’t. It’s something you do when your spirits are in the right place, when inspiration is around you and through you (which usually has the consequence of you having no copious free time).

The job change I am to undertake within the next week is making me want to do the things that I lost interest in. I want to rework the site, I want to stop digitally sharecropping my content to Facebook and Twitter. I want to integrate this interface and make it the default and have Google+, Facebook, and Twitter be my syndication services.

I’m so glad that a part of the best part of me is coming back.