Atlantic Coast Republicans: Be Careful What You Wish For

As I look at the bleeding oil drilling operation that’s currently contaminating the Gulf of Mexico, the body of water against which I spent most of my childhood, I have to wonder what those Republican advocates, those chanting “Drill, Baby Drill” in October of 2008 in waxy chorus to Madame YouBetcha herself are thinking now.

Looking at Louisiana, where the $1bln recreation fishing industry and $1.8bln seafood industry are greivously imperiled, I wonder if those Atlantic, Southern, Republican states and their Republican voters are now, thanks to restriction removal by President Obama, re-thinking if that’s a gift they really want. Is the drilling tax revenue greater than the annuity of the yearly beach revenue?

It’s almost as if the President gave some teenagers “the cool loaded gun just like their friend has” that they asked for, and minutes later they saw a friend shoot himself with it. Do they still want to keep the gun?

Curiously the “socialist” president has taken action to advance business interest, will the party of business now work against that? Fortunately most voters seem to be immune to the effects of cognitive dissonance, so it won’t matter too much.