Dear LazyWeb: Should I buy a new MacBook?

I’m currently running an old PB G4 ( 2004 vintage ) and I would really like to get a new one.

With buying apple hardware there’s always a waiting game and a cult of “but the next rev will have XXX that will really be worth waiting for.”

In the end, I just usually get fed up and say, “Eff it”, plunk down a charge card and am happy.

But I’ve made so many friends in the world these-a-days, perhaps some of them could help me.

  • Is it time to upgrade?
  • Should I go for the 15” ( love the LED, form factor, right size, better weight ) or the 17” model (screen real estate and HD are nice )
  • Is there some other factor that would make you hold out on this rev until some point in the future, and if so, what’s that thing you have to see before you buy another dose of mac kool-aid.

Me, I want to get Textmate and Coda and Xcode running with some more snap. Besides, if I ever get around to writing something in Cocoa again, I certainly don’t want it to be limited to the testing that I could do on an old PB, I want to make sure that I can service the vast ( and growing ) world of the IntelBook.

So, comments, please! What should I do.