“I am half-sick of sidebars”, said the Lady of Shalott

Apologies to Tennyson.

I decided I hate my sidebars. In a white-paper, my colleague Robbie Allen wrote that the present age of web design has a lot less visual busy-ness. I then visited Daring Fireball and read about Gruber taking weeks to pick his background color. A few moments later I was really sick when I headed back to my site.

Issue was confirmed by dear girlfriend: Your books section looks like ad-space.


So, like The King and I, I proclaim, no more busy sidebars, forever! A clap of the hands and a :wq! later and you have what you see.

I’ll put some level of the functionality back…eventually. But for now, enjoy a slightly less busy site.

( besides, if you really want to find something you’re better off going to google, typing in what you want and adding anyway )