The Fines of Texas are Upon You

Today I had to get a university transcript. You see, friends, yours truly has decided to go back and get some supplemental education at Austin Community College in the matters of Calculus and Computer Science.

You may be thinking: “But Steven, you’re a programmer by trade and you passed two classes of business calculus in college, why go back for those?”

The answer is simple: I’ve forgotten. I don’t know how many arcs or tangents at 90 degrees. I’ve forgotten what a radian is. Similarly, I’ve forgotten the basic advanced guts of C++, memory management, garbage collection.

It’s this forgetfulness which has thwarted my ability to learn some of the higher concepts of computer science. Thus, I’m going back to re-learn my basics. Or, if Plato be believed, to re-re-learn what I already knew.

In any case, I stopped by the old alma mater to pick up a copy of my transcript. While there they mentioned two words I’d not heard in a great long while: Financial Bar. Apparently I had run up a bill for $76 dollars in my final weeks of education in 2000 and had been in arrears lo these 6 years. I paid my bar and then got my transcipt. It’s nice to be back in the University’s good graces again.