The handbasket is cramped, but it’s not getting hotter at that regular interval

It appears that the American electorate has decided that enough is enough from the looney bin of George W. Bush and is interested in seeing if he can learn to quack like a duck as quickly as he undermined habeas corpus, let his Pentagon tank the war in Iraq, and let ideology override pragmatism.

I read some of his commentary from before last night from the Washington Post:

President Bush said terrorists will win if Democrats win and impose their policies on Iraq, as he and Vice President Cheney escalated their rhetoric Monday in an effort to turn out Republican voters in next week’s midterm elections.

You’ve gotta be joking, right?

That’s what’s at stake in this election. The Democrat goal is to get out of Iraq. The Republican goal is to win in Iraq.

Really? As far as I can tell your method for implementing your “goal” sucks and you’ve done nothing to change the direction ( Rumsfeld ) or the playbook ( “stay the course” ). As my dad taught me, you’ve got one hell of a case of “Ready, Fire, “How’d the bullet get over there”, aim” on your hands.

The Senate is still undetermined, but I think that this should be a much better direction for this country than the rubber-stamping partisan crap we’ve put up with for the last two years.