Unfortunate Abbreviations

It has been said that he who has much knowledge has much worry.

Sayeth Steven: He who has sexy laptop has much interest in bags.

Following my new favorite lusty consumerism for guys site: Uncrate, I found this bag.

What was particularly interesting to me was this comment:

“Product of Australia - Assy in China”

And suddenly I thought of a half-Chinese, Dickensian Australian reflecting upon his life and thinking this line.

“It was in late 2005 that my father found himself working in Guangdong province as an advisor to the then-nascent Huang textile plants. After 3 months in the Chinese industrial capitol, he found himself sharing the evenings with my mother, a manager at the Huang assembly facility. After a hasty decision to engage in the holy estate of matrimony, and an even-more-hasty return to Queensland, I was born in Brisbane where the provincial Chinese heritage was to run head-on against the rough-and-tumble easy of Australian life. My life could be summed up in the tags of so many textile products shipped to Australia from Guangdong: Product of Australia, assembly in China.