A happy day to us, my Bretheren

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guild:

Hooray for us! It’s SysAdmin Day.

Whether you be a Unix admin with fleet fingers stringing together pipes and greps with a smattering of sed for spice….

Be you an NT admin, breaking the mouse’s right button….

Be you a VAX admin, lost in some ancient legacy system….

Be you a PBX admin with uppity people telling you how important their voice mail is….

Be you a calendaring admin of a crappy, non-scaling, legacy application (m**eland….

Today is a day to know that we all know the same trials and tribulations: the uppity user who knows mare about your job than you do (apparently), the uppity admin who wants you to know that her use of application X is more important than everyone else’s use of application X and you should fix it for her first, the uppity PHB who suggests that using Java makes more sense here….

For all of us, today is the day to book out early and say “Suck It, (l)users!”

Aw, hell, there goes the pager.