Entry for the Mellies

TexasIndecision listmember R. Steans has asked the blogging community to put together entries for the 2004 Mellies.

Here is my stab.

1) Most loathsome celebrity (non-political)

Simon Cowell. It’s part of his act to act loathsome, and I know that, I don’t like the act though.

2) Most loathsome television program

Fox News - if I must be specific I think it’s Hannity and Colmes - rarely is such a series of slam dunks so cynically set up to make the host and his puppet look good. The “liberal” puppet is forced to defend the liberal perspective presented in absolutely indefensible phrasings.

3) Most loathsome movie (theatrical release)

The Passion of the Christ for undermining the hopeful message of Christianity and turning it into a death cult on the par of Q’tub’s death cult.

4) Most loathsome band/album/ song

Nickelback - in the words of Jeaneane Garofalo back when she was doing comedy central ads, “mediocrity is evil”.

5) Worst idea of the past 6 months

MS-Windows perenially takes the cake

6) Best television commercial

iPod ads. They have defined a whole decor motif, launched a thousand parodies, and launched the careers of several artists. Even if you don’t like them they have been incredibly influential.

7) Clearest, bluest day

In Northern California all the days ending with “day” are clear and blue.

A day that was particularly good was the day at Bondi when I caught my first real wave and rode it all the way to the shore with a few sweet turns.

It was a real bonus that some lovely bikini’d Sydneysiderettes gave me their generous smiles as I hopped off.

The sun was shining, the surf was frothy, the girls friendly, and the skies above the sunburnt continent clear and crystalline.

8) Best candy

Sour gummy peaches - so tangy, so sweet, so citric.

Keeps scurvy away - Arr!

9) Least tragic event.

The Cardigans release their new record, “Long Gone Before Daylight”

10) Worst blog topic at “League of Melbotis.”

I find it all equally … equally … equal.

11) Best name for Jill’s forthcoming child (sex is unknown. Submit one for each!)

Boy: Calvin Girl: Ravenna

12) Best item at Taco Bell

The plain old taco. Simple in its conception, flawless in its execution

13) Most loathsome Democratic presidential nominee

The Republican president has already lowered the bar so low that this question doesn’t make much sense anymore.

14) Best book you read

Tie: What Should I do with my life - Po Bronson

A scanner darkly - PK Dick

15) Other blogs of wonder - I love it through and through. It makes me feel not so embarrassed about loving my PowerBook, my Motorola v600, and my iPod.

16) Which former POTUS (President of the United States) do you know least about, but want to know more?

Polk - I just picked a random one out of the bevy of presidential streets in the Fillmore / Marina districts of San Francisco.