Camille Paglia on Blogs and Blogging

As I said in my original post, I never really thought much of blogs and their content. My view was perfectly elucidated by Camille Paglia in an interview with

Blog reading for me is like going down to the cellar amid shelves and shelves of musty books that you’re condemned to turn the pages of. Bad prose, endless reams of bad prose! There’s a lack of discipline, a feeling that anything that crosses one’s mind is important or interesting to others. People say that the best part about writing a blog is that there’s no editing – it’s free speech without institutional control. Well, sure, but writing isn’t masturbation – you’ve got to self-edit.

See full interview:

I just read an entry today that was so confused I couldn’t even construe the essential point I was supposed to agree or disagree with. Sometimes you’re writing to share, not convince; that’s fine, but you should never write to confuse.