Regligion and innovation

continued from previous post

As cultures desire capital, they face competition mowing their laurels out from under them and must seek the golden fleece of innovation.

As those selfsame cultures seek to find new margins and tools whereby to secure their capital, they will push closer and closer to the walls of taboo and the outmoded, irrelevant rules of religious proscription.

And thus we come to a cave in Afghanistan:

Do we act to safeguard our mores from the reaper of innovation and its attendant capitalism, McDonalds, Lexusus, and Britney Spears?

Do we forego capitalism, Westernization, globalization and attack its symbols and its home?

Aside: Make no doubt, 911 was about resolving this dilemma, not strictly an attack on America. It was an attack on the American thought virus, the thorough, pervasive, ubiquitous success of the divorce of church and state in the pursuit of capital.

In short, do we attempt to stop Westernization - even then, could we westerners stop our own culture? Even if (not possible) we were to revert to communism, the presence of even one capitalist nation with and resources would eventually eat our lunch (see USSR v. US 1978-1989).

No, we can’t do that. Our “70’s show”, BMW lifestyles won’t let us tolerate this.

… Or do we dare to move on and shake the dust of ancient, ignorant dicta from our sandals?

Each day the relgious luddites sit and watch Falwell while they wait for their mutual fund indices loaded with big Pharma to appreciate, their dollars and apathy move them culturally where their religion bans their travel.

Pax argentum