This is my first entry

Hi anyone out there reading this. This is my site with my newly added ‘blog.

I’ll be honest, I’ve called blogs the most retarded thing ever for a very long time and have been very hesitant to set one up. I’ve figured, of late, what the hell.

This reminds me of all the thousands of times I tried to set up a journal or something similar: nontebooks, doogie howser style computer stuff, emacs diary files - I never stuck with it.

I remember one summer when I was a kid living in Houston, Texas I got a small mini- ring binder and wrote in the loose leaf page: “U2 Rules!”. I can’t say that I’m still quite so emphatic about the Irish quartet (don’t get me wrong, they’re very talented musicians although that whole Zoo TV thing was not to my taste).

So I’ll try to keep this from going that direction - that is, the direction of being ignored.

I am 26, single, and I live in San Francisco. As a heterosexual guy living in SF I have this nagging urge to add “but I’m not gay” to the end of that sentence. On the up side, we in SF are not obligated to add “not that there’s anything wrong with that” in the Seinfeld turn of phrase. Instead we just move on.

Currently I’m reading After Virtue by Alasdair MacIntyre and my favorite musicians are Ladytron and The Raveonettes. See more about my style in the page_author section.