I should be packing but instead I am watching “Pieces of April” and avoiding my work. It’s a pretty interesting movie - filmed in that IFC style of jerky camera movements, Dogme95 homage, etc.

I like Katie Holmes, despite being a “Dawson’s Creek” alumnus she has really shown herself to be versatile, evocative, and talented … although her recent taste in roles (the all to predictably schmalzy (even looking at the commercial) role as the President’s daughter trying to get through college “just like all the other kids”) is surely a perversion of her talent.

…and whiile I’m on the topic, i hate the way they always photorgaph her with this tomboy smirk. It’s so…lame. She’s a pretty girl with a lot to her beyond being equal doses of tomboy and hottie. Let her show a new dimension in photographs!

In any case…it’s an interesting indie flick.

Dutch teacher John Eyck once said that he never packed until the day of his departure. I thought this was insane when I heard it at the time (1996, freshman year, university of Texas, Robert Lee Moore Hall) but I understand – it’s hard to get the motivation and clarity of focus together until the very last few hours….