Saturday my father came to town. I got up and washed my car, cleaned up things a bit and then drove out to Oakland to pick him up. After that we both headed down to Broadway in Oakland and went by the Porsche dealership. Nothing was bought :)

After that we headed down the east bay towards Fremont because I wanted to see what the BMW dealership there (Claridge) had in stock. Turns out not too much is left except Z4s. I’m not surprised the Z4 sucks. It’s an expensive and zippy car that has an interior fitting to a Neon. I’m not impressed.

Since we were pretty much in the South bay at that point we went to Applebee’s (yes, he flew across several states and 2 deserts to eat at a chain home cookin’ restaurant, apparently). I had the chicken fried chicken and dad had a salad. The highlight was the “Blondie”. Man that thing was tasty.

After that we wound through the Peninsula and came home to rest a bit. We watched my favorite TiVo’d episode of Faking It (cellist Sian Evans learns to be a house DJ) and some other stuff. We then headed out to the lower Haight and did a bit of a bar roll there: Toronao, Molotov’s and then The Noc-Noc. Good stuff!

We came home with a taxi driver with a very explicit series of stories….it made the ride go by faster and was oddly disconcerting.