Moving Toward Notes System

In my last post I wondered what writing vocabularies in JSON-LD looked like. Well, I wonder no more! I found two good examples.

OK that means I know how to define vocabularies. Some, I might host or publish for purposes of the note taking app.

Others can be written by the note taking authors ad hoc, can be stored locally on their system, and can be used to define their note types as needed.

So, my next step is to hand code out a JSON-LD structure that models what a few annotations might look like.

So I need to:

  1. Re-read and annotate the Annotations guide (which isn’t really part of this research)
  2. But since the annotations will carry a payload that will be used to build the graph, they kinda belong here….

I figure that once I get the demonstration JSON object together, it’ll be time to start populating the note taking research topic!