Linked Data


  • Linked Data is the collection of interrelated data sets that are provided by “Semantic Web” technologies e.g. RDF, OWL, SKOS, SPARQL
  • Technology must create:
    • Transofmrations of the existing data sets
    • Query Endpoints

Notes extracted from Linked Data by Tim Berners-Lee:

  • Web: Link is a relatoinship anchor in an HTML document
  • SemWeb: Link is a relationship between Relational Data Format statements
  • URIs’ id is an idea or a concept
    • Use URIs
    • Upon access of URI, provide data including links to elsewhere
  • The mechanics of the URI#name
    • Easily maps to URI
    • Affods an identifier
  • Linked Data should be browsable: for any node of graph G, if looking up the node it provides the description such that:
    1. All statements w the node as sbuject or object are returned
    2. All blank nodes’ arcs are returned as well


Yet another example of the usual SemWeb style of writing that’s comprehensively descriptive of nothing that gets me anywhere.