#Topic: Mike’s Pre-Wedding Day Guy’s day out


TimeActivityLocationAttendees Expected

8-8:45 Rehearsal Bella Terrazza Site Map Mike, Steven, Kevin, Dave McGuire, Rich

8:45-9:30 Picking up Penguin suits Men’s Wearhouse Map {South on Chimney Rock, hang a left} Mike, Dave McGuire, Steven, Kevin, Rich

9:30-11:00 Breakfast / Assembly / Gathering tbd - keep checking page! Mike, Dave McGuire, Steven, Kevin, Rich

11-12(30?) Shootin’ Top Gun Map Mike, Dave McGuire, Steven, Kevin, Rich, Wm. Chow, Darren Bartsch, Rob Pinder, Bob(?)

12(30?)-1 Head to Hotel Cars Everyone who was shootin’: Mike, Dave McGuire, Steven, Kevin, Rich, Wm. Chow, Darren Bartsch, Rob Pinder, Bob(?)

1(ish)-4 Hold ‘em Holiday Inn Express Site map 12323 Katy Freeway @ Dairy Ashford, Meeting Room Mike, Dave McGuire, Steven, Kevin, Rich, Wm. Chow, Darren Bartsch, Rob Pinder, Sam Parker(?), Bob(?),Brian Worrell, Gene Hand



You will need some funds for your :

  • Breakfast : If you make it in time to eat with those of us rehearsing at 8am, you’ll want this.
  • Shooting ( and or own ammo if you know what you plan on shooting. If there’s a consensus that everyone likes 9mm {leave a comment below} I will go pick up some boxes
  • Lunch food will be provided by a pizza delivery entity
  • I will bring some beer, but if you want more / Mr. Snobby’s ultra-pure Colorado microbrew, etc. bring it yourself. I’ll also bring a case of coke, diet, and sprite.
  • Gaming If you are gaming, please bring 40.00. Other details on this matter will be discussed in person.

All told you’ll need about $100 for the day. Because there are so many late arrivals, comings, and goings I’ve tried to structure everything so that it’s each man for himself much of the day. I am covering the playing room, food and drink. If you’d like to help out in the cost burden associated with this, talk to me. I’m not asking for any money around these. I’d gladly take the help, but you are under no obligation.


The Poker setup is being provided by iHostPoker. We have seats for 10 players on a fine green velvet table which will be manned by a professional dealer. I don’t know jack about poker, honestly, but it’s worth a try. They’re also providing good chips (you know, heavy, metal ones) and some know how.

Poker is going to be a first-come, first-seated, first paid, first served. Between the wedding party there are going to be 5 seats spoken for.


The state is real picky about this and these guys are trying to keep a clean nose (no pun intended).

This is some serious stuff for the iHost guys, please be respectful.


You will need your ID, i know it’s obvious, but you know, make sure it’s on you.


Attendee Mail AddressHuman NameAttendance Status

sgharms@stevengharms.com Steven Harms Yes

asianpersuasion650@yahoo.com Wm. Chow Yes

richard.redding@farmersinsurance.com Ricardo Redding Yes

rkevley@msn.com R. Kevin Ley Confirmed

david.mcguire@ey.com Dave McGuire Yes

Darren.Bartsch@mba07.mccombs.utexas.edu Darren Bartsch Yes

samparker03@gmail.com Sam Parker Yes, but late. will contact Mike upon arrival

Texasbob76@yahoo.com Bob “The Hulk” Stinson Regrets

cliff.painter@gmail.com Cliff Painter Regrets

james@xsurfaces.com James Regrets

jason.tcheng@ttuhsc.edu Jason Tcheng Regrets

brian@brianworrell.com Brian Worrell Yes: Attending from lunch on

stafunk@gmail.com Gene Hand Yes, arriving from ATX around noon

adam.berliner@mm-games.com Adam Berliner Regrets

rrpinder@uh.edu Rob Pinder Yes

amguerin76@yahoo.com Andre Guerin Regrets

hungry_ogre@yahoo.com Marcel Guerin Regrets

sgharms@stevengharms.com, asianpersuasion650@yahoo.com, richard.redding@farmersinsurance.com, rkevley@msn.com, david.mcguire@ey.com, Darren.Bartsch@mba07.mccombs.utexas.edu, brian@brianworrell.com, stafunk@gmail.com, rrpinder@uh.edu, amguerin76@yahoo.com, hungry_ogre@yahoo.com