Sententiae viri ex temporibus duobus


Many people consider that the reason murder is so wrong is because you have deprived another being of all the potential in their future.

Others feel that because a person has dependents, murdering someone causes a web of damage throughout the community.

Both of these assertions lie at the heart of the liberal understanding of jurisprudence as pertains to homocide.

But to see a dependent in the arms of the man you kill, to realize you will unalterably change their future, and to do it anyway - for no good reason.


Then, my friend, what use has a society of one such as this? None, hislife should be forefit: jail or death penalty, whichever is cheaper for the tax payer and more painful for you.

That said, I’m anti-death penalty in this world, but I’m pro-death-penalty in the Platonic world, where evidence is complete, and the enacting of the penalty is not enmired in our process - yes all that despite my “liberal” views on most things.